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aegisdesign is an internet software company. We develop personal, community and commercial web based solutions.



aegisdesign's key people.

Shaun Murray

Founder, lover of simple, worryingly annoyed by details.

Lynne Jayne Ashworth

Support. You name it, she's supporting it.


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aegisdesign was founded early in 2003 by Shaun Murray as an offshoot business from his work on an online counterpart to an offline paper magazine. Initially this revolved around websites built around phpWebSite and some custom PHP programming.

Shaun has over twenty years in the computer industry having worked for Micro Focus, SSA Softwright and Sysop before founding Gofar Enterprises Ltd and Singletrack Magazine.

In 2004, growth necessitated additional servers and a website hosting service was added. We now manage a number of servers offering shared hosting and dedicated servers at aegis hosting. This allows us to have extremely fine control over what we can offer our clients and allows us to tailor a complete package.

As the industry and our clients have changed, we've added to our knowledge with support for leading website software such as Expression Engine, Magento e-Commerce and Wordpress.

At aegis we concentrate on crafting well designed websites using web standards. We also work behind the scenes on what is commonly called the 'back end', programming in PHP and creating database driven sites with MySQL.

Our Work

From time to time we like to show off and below is a selection of some of our work.

Our Clients

aegisdesign has worked with companies both large and small, community bodies, councils and individuals.

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You can phone us on either 01706 508168 or 07767 634865.

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Our Address is.

34 Rochdale Road
OL14 7LD
United Kingdom

Office Hours

Office hours are 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

Outside office hours, you're best sending us an email or if you're an existing client, log in via our support system and leave a ticket.

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